Friday, March 03, 2006

Finish what you start and enjoy what is finished

I found the quote for today on another blog.

"Find your Joy in something Finished, and not in a thousand things begun."

I don't know who Mallock is, I can't seem to find anything about her/him? and I can't find the origin of this quote so if anyone runs into please let me know.

As far as I'm concerned though, this Mallock person is talking to me.

During the month of March, I'm going to be working on finishing things I've already started. There is plenty in that category to keep me busy all month!

I know I'm not the only one who struggles with this. What do you need to finish?

My list is longer than this, but here are a few that come to mind:

21 day Art Journal Challenge (I've been working on the habit, but haven't kept up with the journal part!)

2 quilts that I started 2 years ago! Did I actually just admit that in public?

Going through a stack of papers in my office that I have been rearranging, relocating, and re-shoving (I think that should be a word) into various places.

My autism book. Won't say how long I've been working on that.

Ok, you get the idea. I won't bore you (or embarrass myself) with the rest of the list.

So why is it so hard to finish? Why do we humans need some big motivation to get to the end of something? Look at all the sayings that relate to this:

The big finish.

Reach the finish line.

Finish what you started.

Start early. Finish strong.

From start to finish.

Photo finish.

Here are some resources to help you reach the finish line!

Life Organizers

Surpass your dreams weekly tips

In the craft world, the list of non-completed projects are referred to as UFO's
or Unfinished Objects! How many UFO's have you sighted lately?

and a I will leave you with a little humor, but don't try this at home!

Finished with this entry.

Katie the Scrapbook Lady



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