Saturday, February 25, 2006


Font is Susie's Hand. Border is from Rhonna Farrer's Pea Pod Kit

I usually have the ideas and motiviation but I struggle with the daily consistency to make them a habit. I have felt a great accomplishment from keeping up my scrap blog and this quote blog on an almost daily basis. I have only missed a few days and it just so happens that yesterday was one of them! So I will post another quote for the day in this entry to make up for it. :)

I got this one from Rhonna Farrer's blog and decided to make it my own - or at least make it my own using Rhonna's awesome designs!

This proverb is a great way to remember what usually stops us from establishing a good habit. Temptation in some form creeps in to convince us that the habit is not worth pursuing or that it is unattainable.

I am going to choose to resist temptation and pursue the habits that will improve my life.

Hope you have a wonderful weekend!

Katie the Scrapbook Lady



Blogger Don Dixon's Blog said...

Hey Great blog you have here! I was told that my blog was reffered by you! thanks, I tried to find where you mentioned me but I had to get to work so I guess i will try and find it again later tonight! :)

8:46 AM  
Blogger Shabby Miss Jenn said...

I LOVE THIS QUOTE MISS K!!!!! Love how you spruced it up too!!!!! Definitely will have to use this quote later! TY!!!! I am sooo loving all these quotes!!!!!

9:52 PM  
Blogger Rhonna said...

awesome job here...
love the quotes & love how you did the heart & swirlies with the Peapod kit..

3:48 PM  

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