Sunday, November 20, 2005

John Cusack quotes

Ok, so I'm a child of the 80's. I love John Cusack though, he has always been one of my favorite actors. He is not your typical Hollywood type and he really chooses and eclectic mix of roles. Cool guy!

John Cusack quotes:

Celebrity is death --- celebrity -- that's the worst thing that can happen to an actor.
Cusack, John

I was a teen star. That's disgusting enough.
-John Cusack

There are some good people. But a good chunk of them will lie for no reason at all - it'll be ten o'clock and they'll tell you it's nine. You're looking at the clock and you can't even fathom why they're lying. They just lie because that's what they do.
-John Cusack

Do I listen to pop music because I'm miserable or am I miserable because listen to pop music?
-John Cusack

The making of a great compilation tape, like breaking up, is hard to do and takes ages longer than it might seem.
- John Cusack


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